Friday, 3 July 2015

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From the newly released box set - Crashing Into Love..........

From Brace For Impact from the Crashing Into Love anthology

Scene set - Paix and Guy crash landed on an island. They have just found a stream of fresh water and Paix wishes to clean up

The cool water flowing over Paix's neck brought a shiver as well as joy. She scooped a handful and splashed her face. The water streamed down her cheeks, dripped off her chin and trickled onto her chest. She wanted to wallow in the stream's delicious coolness, letting the water slip over her skin. The island was muggy. Trudging through the forest was hard work. She didn't want to complain, but her feet ached from cuts and bruises. As a child, she'd run around the park in her bare feet, laughing with delight until her mother would insist she put her shoes on or they'd go home. At this moment, Paix missed her shoes.
After dropping her clothes next to her feet, she tugged on the hair tie, loosening the bun. She felt and heard it pop. Looking at the broken elastic, she sighed. Never fails. Don’t have an emergency hair tie and this one has to break. She knelt next to the stream and leaned forward, sloshing her hair in the water. It wasn't as good as a washing from a professional hair stylist, but it did rinse off the salt and get some of the sand out of her hair. Standing, she flipped her hair back over her shoulders and let it hang down her back. Rivers of water streamed off each strand. She scooped a couple of handfuls of water and splashed it against her body. Her nipples contracted at the touch of the coolness. She slid her hands down her body, wiping away the water. Closing her eyes, she imagined Guy stroking her. His large, strong hands brushing softly against her flesh. His biteable lips kissing her neck.
Snapping herself from her thoughts, she bent low, cupped her hand and filled it with water. She raised her hand to her lip and sucked in the liquid.
"Oh, mon Dieu." His voice broke the silence. "Now I know what heaven looks like."

What people are saying about Crashing Into Love – box set

By H34me on June 16, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
It's not too often that I read an anthology and like ALL the books, but with this Crash antho - I loved each one! Each story is well developed, characters believable, and all are well written. I'm so glad I saw the advertisements of the upcoming release of this book. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in each story and found it money well spent!

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