Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Black Dorn is on WIP It Up Wednesday #Wipitup

Welcome to Erotic Notions and WIP It Up Wednesday. This snippet is a continuation from my erotic medieval romance - Black Dorn.

Set Up – Branwyn and Duna Trea are in a garden. A group of people have approach. Branwyn's tragor is about to be tested. Duna Trea speaks.

(for those who haven't started at the beginning with this – Duna means instructor –  so Duna Trea is Branwyn's instructor. A Dune is one who is to be instructed. Branwyn is a Dune. Gon means King and lastly Gon Dra means Heir to the Throne.)

Remove your upper clothes. Allow these people to see you naked. They will not touch you. You do not need to be afraid of them. Do so now, before they come."
Branwyn tried, but her fingers fumbled. She watched as three men and two women strolled toward her. She prayed they would turn and follow another path. They smiled at Duna Trea and walked forward.
Branwyn fought the stubborn knot, but her vision filled with blinding tears.
Duna Trea curtsied to the group and asked them about their health.
Still Branwyn could not release the ties.
"This is our newest dune. Her name is Branwyn." Trea stood beside her. In a deep whisper she said, "Tragor!"
The ties released and Branwyn peeled the shield that protected her nakedness. A cold chill shuddered through her, causing her to tremble and her nipples to harden. She wished the earth would rip open and let her fall into its dark depths.
The group continued on their stroll and conversation.
Trea did not look at Branwyn. "Go, prepare for supper, but do not cover yourself. You have failed tragor. You will not be allowed to cover your breasts for three days." Duna Trea turned and walked away, leaving a half-naked and ashamed Branwyn to find her way back to her room.
Leah remained silent as she combed Branwyn’s hair and laced ribbons in among the strands. She tied it so it rested on her dune’s smooth white back. Selecting a gold-colored dress, she helped Branwyn slip into it. She lowered the top and tucked it in at the waist then secured the skirt with an embossed leather belt. Lastly, Leah draped jewels around her dune's neck that encircled her breasts drawing the gaze toward the splendor of the gems - both stone and flesh.
Leah escorted Branwyn to the dining hall entrance. "Remember, do not speak unless spoken to."
The guard held open the door. As she entered, a herald bellowed, "Dune Branwyn." 

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